Ties, Bow Ties, Cravats and Hanks

The heart of Colour Wovens' historic business has been in "Gentlemen's Silks" - ties, bow ties, cravats and top-pocket handkerchiefs.

In fact, we're the UK's leading tie company, but we never let that distract us from the simple truth that we're only as good as our last order or our next design.

Within our "L A Smith Essentials" range, we think we have the most cost-effective range of black ties and black bow ties on the market.  At the other end of the spectrum, we supply stunning hand-made silk ties in the very best fabrics, finished to the highest standards, in all the latest colours and designs.

We love small tie orders for a lovely local rugby club, Masonic lodge or school just as much as we love the slightly larger orders for banks' branch staff or other large-scale uniform providers.

We're also steeped in the history of similar products - especially pocket hanks, cravats and bow ties - and we love these quirky, clubbable expressions of individual style.